No Place Like Home

Carol Khorramchahi

I remember the days when I’d speculate

That school from home would simply be great.

I’d only dress up when I’d be meeting on Zoom

Then I’d just have to clean a little part of the room.

But now that it’s happened, my dream hasn’t come true

’Cuz working from home is like life at the zoo.

Oh what a dream it would be

To leave these four walls and flee

The weeks go by, the fourth, the fifth,

And normalcy’s become a myth.

I want to hug, I want to hold,

I want this deadly scourge controlled.

COVID 19 is its name

It knows no boundaries or lanes

No figure can match its fame

Like a roaring flame it engulfs all on its path

Both the poor and the rich feel its wrath

We all have a common enemy, I admit

So, lower your guns and focus on it

The only way of surviving, is by joining heads

For the hate present in the world fuels its hunger for the dead

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