About Us

Thank you for visiting our website! We are the EAB Bullseye made up of a team of talented young writers dedicated to providing these stories to the school community. This club is entirely student-run; it is created by the students and for the students. Our number one goal is to provide a voice to the student community. One of our reporters, Yasmin Abbas, put it best:

True journalism teaches us to elaborate our own ideas, to think independently, to seek past spoon-fed answers and teachings, it fosters an insatiable yearning for knowledge.

The Bullseye is always looking for new members. If you want to join us don’t hesitate to contact any of us, leave a comment on this website, or stop us in the hallway. We want to hear your ideas!

Now we’ll let you get back to stories. We hope you enjoy the newspaper.


the Bullseye Team