How much value do things in your life have?

By: Savannah G. Eschenroeder

Life is really crazy right now. Like seriously. I have so many things crowding my schedule and I know that those of you reading this can relate; school, sports, the many doctor and dentist appointments before moving to a new place. How many of you do homework while in the car or bus!! Haha, it’s the typical habit of a busy teenager. But how busy is too busy? I know for a lot of you, IB takes up so much of your time, on top of everything else; cramming study time the last precious minutes before your test, doing your chores, trying to get to bed in a decent hour of night (which sometimes isn’t easy with homework!!!), getting ready for school, making sure you eat a decent breakfast, and for us ladies, we can’t forgot our mascara before leaving the house!! Haha. On the weekends school projects threaten to consume our hours and you have just barely enough time to rush over to Pier 21 with friends for a couple of hours and get some sleep and before you know it, Monday is here, bright and early! But honestly speaking, how many times have you stopped and thought about the value of each thing in your life? I know that you guys are really busy right now. The thought probably hasn’t even crossed your mind this week. I was the exact same way. I had a pile of homework, numerous summatives, and softball.

How many times have you stopped and thought about the value of each thing in your life?

But today, one of my very close friends (not at EAB) had a scratchy throat that quickly escalated into her esophagus closing up. It was a very scary experience, and yet a very eye-opening one at the same time. I am tearing up at the thought that if there wasn’t a hospital nearby and if the Lord didn’t slow down her esophagus, the situation could have been much worse. But it makes me question, how much value do the things in my life have? Even though school is very time consuming, do I still have time for the ones closest to me? Fortunately, the answer is yes! Even though I might be tired some nights, I will treasure the moments I have with my family and friends. Because things happen so fast, and you just don’t know when life will twist in the opposite direction.


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