The Piano Man

By Lucas Duchrow

The piano man, a seemingly normal mathematics teacher at EAB, right? Wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. You know what they all say… quiet people have the loudest minds, and boy isn’t it true.

Born in 1970 in Tennessee, Mr. Piano grew up with two brothers and sisters and developed a passion for music. He even played in a local rock band called The Clears as the pianist. Ever since, he has used his hypnotizing music and infused it with evil subconscious messages to capture unsuspecting residents and brainwash them with his radical ideals!

But Mr. Piano didn’t have enough. He took it a step further when he majored in biomedicine in college. His intent, as we now all know, was to develop biological warfare to meddle with people’s minds and to jumble with their thoughts! But then, after mastering his craft, he changed majors to mathematics for reasons still unknown. The puzzle must be cracked before irreversible damage is done to the world!

That’s not all that the piano man has done. He figured that he’d eventually get caught if he stayed in the same place for too long! And so, he posed as an unsuspecting teacher and travelled overseas in search of new victims. On his voyages, Mr. Piano joined the so dreaded Lago Paranoá Cult. Eventually, just like most marketing strategies, he discovered that students were the easiest targets: always target the young ones! Since then, he began capturing students and offering them as blood sacrifices to the IB gods!

Planning carefully, the piano man carefully selected his destinations — five to be exact — in which he’d strike! They are as follows: Cape Town, South Africa; Qingdao, China; Seoul, South Korea; Dakar, Senegal; and Greenville, South Carolina. Suspicious, isn’t it? If we rearrange the first letters of every name listed, including the second word, into alphabetical order, then we get ACCDGKQSSST which means absolutely nothing. Wait! But maybe it does… the technology just isn’t here yet.

Log Date 6.10
I was captured. Captured. And dragged down to some vile pit, or so I assumed. I wouldn’t know anyways, since I was asleep the whole time. My last conscious memories consisted of soothing music. It made me sleepy. Like lullabies. When I woke up, I was in shackles. I dread the horrible atrocities they commit down here. I better do something if I ever want to see the light of day again, and better be quick, for I hear voices.

Log Date 7.10
I could not sleep. Maybe I could, but I could not tell. I heard the music again — and the voices. They were loud and clear, but I could not tell what they were saying. My wrists are still shackled, and they are sore from the rusty cuffs. I found some leftover butter in the corner, probably left by some rats. Maybe I can use it to free myself.

Log Date 8.10
The butter worked. But I did not free myself quite yet. I need to come up with a plan first. Otherwise, they might brainwash me or even throw me in a hole if they discover my idea. I will snoop around some more before coming up with a plan of escape.

Log Date 10.10
They took me. They took me in the middle of the night while they thought I was asleep. But I wasn’t. The butter was rotten and it kept me awake. I heard the music and the voices again. But still, I could not hear what it was saying. They pricked needles in me and I had to do my best not to scream. I heard words of brainwashing. I must escape before it’s too late.

Log Date 12.10
I have worked out a plan. I hope I am not too late. I have mapped out the cavern and the different sleep patterns of the voices. I will escape when they are sleeping.

Log Date 13.10
I escaped. I did it. But there were more. In cellars, chained like me. I could not bear to leave them, but I had to, because the voices were coming. I cannot live like this. They must be stopped.

Log Date 28.12
I have found out all I need about the voices. Now, I can expose them and the atrocities they have committed. I have found out about their leader, who goes by the pseudonym of the piano man, and the many different hideouts they have staked throughout the world. I have traced him and his destinations, and have pinpointed them to five points on a map. He moves constantly — and quickly, so as not to raise suspicion. Wherever he goes, he captures heedless students, and brainwashes them to do his bidding. “How?” you may ask, “How?” I have discovered how, after snooping through the archives. His secret is in his music. The same music I heard. It is hypnotizing and infused with evil subconscious messages. I have discovered that the evil Mr. Piano has taken part in music bands in his earlier days; if this is where his motivations come from, I do not yet know. Further snooping has found him to have majored in biomedicine, perhaps to develop biological warfare for his evil doings, but then switched to mathematics after mastering his art. Countless students have disappeared in Cape Town, Qingdao, Seoul, Dakar, and Greenville — the five destinations I have pinpointed, and many more to come if he is not stopped.

Log Date 30.12
He has moved again. It appears he is preparing for something big. It appears he is in Brasilia.

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