IB Police

By Rebeca Arantes

Everybody knows who she is. She is the IB sheriff of the school. She is the one we, desperate students, are always looking for and sending emails to. She is always there, present, looking, observing, checking. We call her the IB police.

The IB police is a Caribbean women. Originally born in Tobago, Trinidad no one knows her age, except for that she was born the 29th of May. The IB police is the one of the three children in her family, who she loves and cares for. After graduating high school she decided to study business and economics at a prestigious University. Why? There is no answer for that question. She always liked numbers and she was always a people’s person. Everyone loves the IB police. Always with a smile on her face, cracking jokes down the EAB hallways.

After finishing college she fell in love with the so feared IB diploma program. It is quite astonishing how the dreadful IB can be appealing to someone as nice as Katrina but to that question there is also no answer.  She was always a free-spirited woman. She loves adventures, reading and going to the cinema. Due to her thirst for new beginnings and journeys, she decided to move to the country she had heard so much about, Brazil. As she said, “I heard wonderful things about the country and I have never been to Latin America”.

The IB police’s original plan was to move to São Paulo, get a job and lead a normal, calm and stable life. However, the Paranoá Cult wanted her. It was an event that marked her life forever.  In the morning of January 15, 2012, one of the leaders of the Cult knocked on her door. She was still in her pajamas making her daily cup of green tea. The leader invited her to join the Cult, and to remain quiet about it to all her family and friends. It was an undeniable offer.

Following this event she moved to Brasília with no further notice. To some, she simply just vanished. No one in São Paulo ever heard of her again. Her family thinks she is on a spiritual journey through the forests of India, where she has no internet access, explains why she barely communicates.  The IB police is a new, but extremely important member of the Cult. She is always here for us, ready to listen to any complaints. However, be aware. One can never be careful enough when dealing with new authorities that have just joined.


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