From Trash To Ca$h

Presented to you by your very own EAB Goes Green Club

By Veronica Streibel-May

From Trash to Ca$h

It’s time to think green in terms of the environment and the bonus cash we can collect as a school community.

This is a project initiated and run by EAB Goes Green alongside Roberto Miyamoto, the club’s supervisor. What this project specifically entails is that, as a school community, we diligently bring recyclables from home to be placed in the large shipping containers that can be found just outside the front gate. Yes, it is made that accessible for you. Help turn your trash into a valuable resource. Yesterday’s waste can indeed be another step into a beneficial future. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 8.21.59 PM

Recycling is a confusing process, which is completely understandable seeing as there are specific guidelines to ensure success. It is vital that we highlight the importance of recycling correctly because this project depends on you as an individual and us as a unified community.  Why would you need to sort through trash when only 2% ends up reinserted here in Brazil? Especially compared to the global average of 9%, there seems to be little use, right? Wrong. The school is collaborating with Capital Reciclaveis who comes, picks up, and buys this trash produced by us as an EAB community. Funds go towards projects (Sociedade Humanitária Brasileira, an animal shelter, for example) that contribute to a greener society, organized by your very own EAB Goes Green club. 

On top of this, it is crucial we develop an understanding for recycling and realize that any little baby steps will make an impact. Even if this is simply educating ourselves and feeding into a more environmentally sustainable ideology. Small actions may appear minor in the long run; however, as a school community and as an individual, it is important we acknowledge this responsibility and take advantage of this situation that has been presented to us, so we can make a difference. With this in mind, we can be thankful that this opportunity is right by our fingertips, so we strongly encourage you to invest a fraction of your time and effort into something that contributes to a greener, eco-conscious society. 

Now, onto the difficult task. The actual doing and sorting. We have three sections: plastic, metal and paper. Plastic and metal should be thoroughly rinsed and placed in these containers. This is a vital step as otherwise we contaminate other recyclables. Please note that paper is collected in the iCommons where boxes are made available for you.

Believe it or not, we have the privilege of also being able to recycle our electronics and batteries, otherwise known as ‘E-Waste’. These bins can be located just outside the iCommons.

From Trash to Ca$hZero Impact is collaborating with us to aid in the disposal of old and unwanted electronics such as phones, laptops, wires, televisions, etc. The more success we have in this regard, the more natural resources we can conserve worldwide. Additionally, it will reduce the need and demand for mining precious heavy metals from the Earth and, therefore, also reduce the greenhouse emissions emitted during the production, manufacturing, storage, and transportation phase. Only 10-15% of the gold found in e-waste is recovered across a global scale, which, if you think about it, is a tiny fragment when considering the truth that there is so much more potential of having these precious metals being reused. Why not reuse what we already have? We jeopardize the environment although there is an easy solution right in front of our faces. It’s called recycling! We could be reusing junk and transforming it into the latest technology, so let’s finally do it. By entrusting Zero Impact we also ensure that no toxic chemicals from these electronics end up back into the ground. The environment is sensitive and, as a result, we must consciously care for it. The brutal reality is there is no Planet B.

Check it out! 


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