Moments of Happiness: EAB Moments’ Yellow September Project

By Fernanda Ferreira, EAB Moments’ Vice President

Moments of Happiness 1

“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world”, said the famous french photographer Bruno Barbey. Photography is one of the most recent, yet extremely powerful, ways of expressing ourselves through art. As most of you probably – and hopefully – know, EAB Moments is EAB’s photography club. Not only that, but we also represent a group of students who document our school life through art and passion using photography. Our club serves the purpose of meaningfully eternizing the moments of our community.

Since art and emotion are almost intertwined, we feel the need to engage in some sort of motivational project every year during Yellow September. It’s the month in which each one of us can somewhat impact the lives of the ones who are merged into the darkness of mental illnesses and filled with hopelessness about their lives. It’s the month in which each one of us gathers to try preventing suicide and promoting life. Not only as artists but as humans, we feel the need to help each other in such an important cause.

This year, we have decided to take a different approach: instead of emotionally shocking our audience, we felt that we already had enough drama this year. Thus, we took a positive and inspirational approach. Our project Moments of Happiness aims at emphasizing the beauty of the most simple, yet meaningful things in our lives. Since we eternize moments using photography, we decided to ask people around the school to share with us a picture of something that made them feel happy with themselves and the world. We intended to evoke, even for a little moment, a positive insight, and to remind people of their moments of happiness.

Something as simple as a picture with you playing with your pets, or a beautiful sunset, reminds you of a reason to feel proud and filled with joy. Moments of happiness are never about expensive, rare, and extraordinary moments but, rather of subtle, daily events that make us realize how fascinating it is to be alive. How each and every moment is an opportunity to grow, to laugh, to be around your loved ones. This is what we should remind ourselves daily, but especially during Yellow September. If art can so easily move us emotionally, we believe that art can heal.

Please appreciate some of the Moments of Happiness that we have captured so far. Find much more on our Instagram page.

Moments of Hapiness 2

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