Highlights of first sábado legal of the semester!

The first EAB “Sábado Legal” occurred on August 31st, from 9 AM to 1 PM. The whole school community was involved: students of all ages, families, teachers, and staff were all invited to both enjoy and collaborate with the event. This time, Sábado Legal had as its theme “Service and Environment,” including many activities for the kids, which taught them about sustainability. There were different sale booths run by the student’s clubs and some local sellers. Moreover, there was a soccer practice from the EAB Varsity girls and JV Boys team, plus some great music!  

The EAB student-run clubs such as BCS, GIN, EGG, Medlife, HS MUN, EAB moments, Bullseye and many other students were contributing at the event whether selling drinks and food (snacks, candies, Mexican paletas, açaí) or recording the event. The Juniors, Seniors and the Cheerleading team also had their booths. The proceeds went to each club, class, or team to help on further projects. To name a few, the GIN club was funding money to Creche São Francisco;  the Cheerleading bake sale was for their competition trip, and so on. 

As for the children, many activities allowed them to enjoy and learn about service and environmental issues at the same time. Including the peace dragon drawing, gardening lessons, reusing PET bottles, paper making, and a blanket making activity for an animal shelter in Brasilia in which kids were making by themselves blankets for the pets. Of course, kids could watch the soccer practice and enjoy all the delicious types of food that students put for sale.

Last but not least, there were very talented local sellers offering a great variety of high-quality products. The sales booths were: William Queijos and Queijos Cabra Queijos (local production of cheese), Gengibre da Zazá, Do Cerrado Produtos alimentícios, and Distrito Natural (all three were foodstuffs booths),  Artesanatos Indígenas (indigenous handicrafts), Celiandra Papel e Arte (papercraft) and a honey production called Mel Abelhudo.

Although it was the first one of the semester, the “Service and Environmental” Sábado Legal was a huge success among all the EAB community. 

Photos by  Fernanda Ferreira with a collaboration of the EAB Moments team.



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