Top 10 Must-Read Young Adult Books

By Sophie Kane 

Ask which one of these you can get at the EAB library!

In no particular order…


Six of Crows

I have yet to meet a single person who has read this high-fantasy heist novel by Leigh Bardugo who didn’t love it. Not only is the world incredible and the plot gripping but the characters are phenomenal. I dare you not to love this book. Trust me, you’ll be racing to the bookstore for the sequel.


A Darker Shade of Magic

This is technically an adult book but is read by YA fans everywhere. Little did you know that there was not one London but many alternate versions of London lying in different worlds. Kell is one of the few people who can traverse these worlds, serving as a messenger between alternate Londons. Kell runs into everybody’s favorite cross-dressing pirate, Delilah Bard, and they are put on a mission to save all of their worlds. This book and series by V.E. Schwab are nothing less than brilliant.


The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys is unlike anything you’ve ever read or anything you ever will read. It’s about the paranormal and psychics and lost kings, featuring a gang of protagonists you wish you were part of. You definitely want these books by Maggie Stiefvater on your shelf.



So you might be looking at the cover (or covers of this series) and forming a preconceived notion of what this book is going to be about. Well did you get that it features a plague threatening to wipe out the population of the Earth, mind control, and inter-planetary warfare? You’ll fall in love with this cast of characters. Even if you don’t love this first book, keep reading. You won’t regret it. Then pick up Marissa Meyer’s other fairytale retelling Heartless.


The Sun is Also a Star

Mixing it up with a contemporary. Thought this one would be a good one to start with because this book made me fall in love with contemporaries. Daniel and Natasha have just one day together because in twelve hours Natasha’s family is going to be deported to Jamaica. But it’s not just a book about them, it’s about the universe. Then read Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon and name her one of your favorite contemporary authors ever.


Eleanor and Park

This book is Rainbow Rowell’s masterpiece. It’s set over the course of a school year and takes place in the 80s. You’ll fly through it and wish it would never end. I really can’t say much about this book outside of go read it. You’ll love it forever.


I’ll Give You the Sun

This book wasn’t love at first sight, but all its twists and turns and heartbreaking characters make it a must-read. Just give it a chance. It’ll definitely surprise you.


The Diviners

This book is not talked about enough for how amazing it is. It’s everything you didn’t know you were looking for in a book. It’s historical fiction, mystery, fantasy, and horror (it will keep you up at night) all at once. Lair of Dreams is a worthy sequel and the third book in the four book series just came out so you definitely want to get on this one.


Strange the Dreamer

This book is about a librarian living in a fantasy world who’s obsessed with this lost city called Weep when he’s recruited by a godslayer to solve a mysterious problem in the mythic city. True to its name it is very strange, but it’s also brilliant. And there are blue-skinned people in it which is pretty cool.


Harry Potter

You thought I was going to be that one person who doesn’t like Harry Potter? Well you thought wrong. You don’t really need me to explain, do you?

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